10 Years Later

With the dawn of a new year I bring with a new medium to express myself. My own website/blog which will assist me in my professional matters as well as an outlet.

I remember blogging in 2004 on MySpace. A dark theme with green highlights that reflected the computer of the Matrix. The blogging section was new and barely recognisable. A few posts on my then life and love in school was all I ever got out of it. The following year I discovered Gmail and with it Blogger. From it spawned two blogs, one for my writing and the other for my photography. My writing blog was branded Rose Tinted View in lieu of my pink hued glasses at the time.

As the internet exploded so did its tools of power. I wanted a more professional design like the other pro bloggers out there. WordPress was my next vice. Changing themes when I felt like it, the overall layout of the CMS made me really like to blog. Heck I even opened another blog on food.

Blogging created a community. Comments were moderated, debates were sparked, friends were made. But blogs weren’t going to last long. Something was on the horizon. It was called Facebook.

Facebook successfully ended the blogosphere. It allowed posts to have more engagement. Posts itself were becoming shorter and shorter as the attention span of humans moved from long blogposts, to 500 character Facebook statuses to 140 characters on twitter to finally single images on Instagram.

This decline in attention span to content created a void. Sources of information were thinning. Statements on social media weren’t been taking into consideration either from lack of information or credibility. With this came the return of the blogosphere. A large number of internet users do want to read rich content. Whether it be on Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal or Mic. The style of writing, the features published and the content drives millions of users to these websites.

With this in mind I decided to revisit the blogging sphere in a more professional manner. I’m also part of Roar a platform that looks at unique, dynamic Sri Lankan content. With Roar I look at filling in the void for rich Sri Lankan content and I hope to do so.

Here’s to 10 years of writing and to many more ahead.


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