United Direction: Perseverance or Doom?

It’s that time of year again. The time when I fall ill. I’ve been told its good to fall ill. Like restarting your computer once in a while. Lets the immune system get overwhelmed, pushing it to its limits before crashing down. Whilst it falls the system realises, recognises and understands how it was defeated. And it will return a few days later backup with antigens and imported soldiers ready to take on the virus.

In the past two years I’ve changed appetites; fresher food, lesser processed food, chemical free and smaller in size. Whilst it seems that I have gone the healthier “organic” way I can’t seem to help notice that I am getting sicker more than once a year. And the sickness stays for longer. I’m not battling foreign diseases or man made viruses. Its just the common cold, the bloody flu!

Has my body gotten so used to the unnatural  way of life that it cannot sustain the natural. Have I as an individual strayed so far from the natural goodness that mother nature provides us for? Disease and sickness is on the rise, nastier with every wave. Before the religious bigots start claiming the work of their deity we must embrace that fact that this is a problem bought on by us.

I’ve decided to use the almost 6 days off to catch up on movies that I never had the time to watch. Surprisingly most of them had either a doomsday finality story arc or a near future crisis. They are:

  1. Oblivion – decent movie with quite a twist
  2. Interstellar – Probably the best movie I’ve watched for 2014/15
  3. Kingsman: The Secret Service – Jolly good fun
  4. The Imitation Game – Beautiful movie, sad it didn’t win any Oscars

By going through these movies its quite evident which direction Hollywood thinks Humanity is going in. Are we?

Overpopulation like in Kingsman, mistrust and manipulation of lives by the management like in The Imitation Game, overconsumption like in Interstellar which will eventually lead us to leave earth in one piece or broken like in Oblivion.

A planet that is so beautiful, the only one that can sustain us for millions of miles around. One that needs to be lived on graciously and peacefully. Yet we spend that time and energy into killing each other over border disputes, religion and race. Use “foreign policy” to manoeuvre, manipulate and season one states rights over another. Will it take a foreign party, an alien invasion for us to all unite under one banner?

Going back to my immune system. Like the body that needs to get sick once in a while for us to strengthen itself, I fear that this is what the earth is doing. Letting us destroy it so it can unleash some unfathomable hell on earth stuff and like the story of Ragnarok rise again and start afresh?

Or should we take initiative by ourselves? Consume less or responsibly, don’t pollute, be compassionate to others, move towards renewable energy and boycott bad practices. It’ll take a while and maybe then the rest of the galaxy will notice us.

Eventually our time on earth is limited. So question is: What are we leaving behind. What are you leaving behind?


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