Sunrise Weekend

The second week of June got me doing some traveling. From visiting Yala for Ceilao Villas  to leaving the very next day to Pasikudah for the Sunrise Sessions Pool Party hosted by the beautiful Anilana Pasikudah, my favourite hotel in that area.

The east coast in general is more beautiful than the south. Access is poor, which is probably why it remains beautiful. Getting there we opted to take a train to Polonaruwa (7 hours) and bus to Pasikudah (1 hour).

Train journeys are quite fast. The only factor is comfort.
Train journeys are quite convenient. The only factor is comfort.

There is no first class despite the information on the webpage so my advice is to book Second Class Reserved tickets in advance. If not you’ll end up buying standard second class tickets and not having a seat. Like my friend here:

The Footboard: sometimes the best seat on the train
The Footboard: sometimes the best seat on the train

Arriving in Polonaruwa town in the late afternoon there were two things on our minds. The next bus to Pasikudah and lunch. For lunch we were directed to a placed called “Devon Lunch” near the junction. A quick walk in the hot sun landed us at this joint. Flocked by the locals Devon serves rice and curry buffet style. Red & White rice with 4 vegetables and choice of chicken or fish. The food was so wholesome and yummy! Interestingly there were only waitresses serving at this establishment something you don’t find in Colombo where women are barely welcome to eat at places like this yet alone work.

I was so hungry this was the only photo I took.

Busing it to Pasikudah is crowded but man do those guys know how to drive. Long, straight roads, good engines and a “don’t give a shit” attitude made the journey a quick 1 hour. Despite the speed I was able to capture this piece of wisdom:

Sound advice

Oh and in Pasikudah town we came across an exorcism of sorts. A trishaw from the town to Anilana takes around 20 mins and should cost you around 500LKR.

Warding off evil spirits
Warding off evil spirits

The place of Accommodation was A Loft at Anilana Pasikudah easily the best resort in Pasikudah.

The most comfortable bed I've slept in. Even if it was only for 2 hours.
The most comfortable bed I’ve slept in. Even if it was only for 2 hours.

Whilst the Sunrise Sessions party wasn’t the greatest I’ve been too, the location made up for it.

Despite being a pool party not many people were in the pool.
Despite being a pool party not many people were in the pool.

Even the sun decide to make up for the party with a mellow sunrise.

Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon

After a hazy breakfast, a dip in the pool was the next best thing. A casual swim that lead me to make an amazing connection with someone.

We headed to Polonaruwa to stay at the Lake Hotel  run by the Ceylon Hotels Corporation. They have some of the best locations but run average properties. We got a great deal via credit card and was able to have a triple room on Half Board for 8,500LKR a night!


The train back to Colombo took us a good 7 hours again. We arrive right in the smack of Colombo rush hour. Something that we didn’t experience in 3 days. Traffic.

We got seats this time

I’m not a fan of the watermark on my images. But I was too lazy to export the photos from Lightroom again. 

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