Follow Through

I’ve been having trouble expressing myself. For example, this post has been in my Draft folder for the past 3 months.Follow through was something I learned in basketball. It’s the motion that completes the shot. Without follow through you end up over shooting or just bouncing off the board. Which is what I feel like is happening. Sometimes I bounce off the board. Sometimes I don’t shoot at all.


Haven’t written anything substantial down in over a year. My last proper publication was March 2015. I’ve been slowly getting back on it. I listed my self on Freelancer and Upwork as a content writer. Its tough to compete with the rest of the world but it’ll slowly work out. I help a friend out with his writing jobs and have been writing up a few web articles here and there.


I stopped shooting digital a while ago and moved onto a film SLR. Now its so hard to get film rolls I gave up on shooting on a SLR. I don’t own one anyway. I just borrow one from my sister’s studio. I got onto the Instagram bad waggon a while ago as part of work. I never had a good camera phone and was one of those fellows who took photos on my tab. After getting a Nexus and later an iPhone 6s. My Instagram game is slowly picking up.


I never liked the sound of my own voice. Which is why when I downloaded Katha, I never uploaded anything to it. I listen to a few updates. News First keeps spamming me with notifications which means its time for me to stop following them. Katha is an innovative app and I can’t understand why it hasn’t blown up yet.


A lot of people have a misconception of who I am. Only with a handful of people know how I really am. These people understand me when I speak at my natural fast pace. There’s no need to slow down, no repeating myself because you couldn’t fill in the blanks when I swallow words. My sarcastic tone comes off demeaning and hurtful to many who don’t understand that I don’t mean to harm. It’s just the way I am.

Expressing oneself is crucial. Without the proper ability to we become empty, easily impressionable, judgemental, jealous, angry, foolish and unhuman.

And that is the last thing we need to be.

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